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The Beach of Course!

Kuta and its stretching golden white shoreline continues to attract visitors with highlights besides the favourite surfing shore itself. The beach rose to fame during the vagabond wave-riding heydays of the 70s and the establishment of a variety of accommodation, restaurants and bars has since made this once quiet fishing hamlet popular.

The beautiful Kuta Beach was once a simple but busy fishing village however over the years as it has become more widely known it has gained a reputation as a great getaway and has thus grown in its options for accommodation, eating places and other activities to cater for the tourists.

With a large number of Australian visitors surfing has taken off in a large way with surfing lessons offered to people from all over the world who come to enjoy this unique pastime/sport in an easy to learn atmosphere.

Due to a popular peak season of July and August when Aussies like to excape what winter they have and a Christmas New Year period when northerners like to come down and escape their winter there is now a fairly frenzied traffic scene however its exceptional appeal is not diminished.

Indeed city dwellers feel right at home here while country folk enjoy being able to enjoy a seaside holiday while basking in the busy urban life of shops and a little bit of luxury living!


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